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The CIW Web Foundations series consists of three foundational courses and corresponding certification exams that teach and validate more than mere digital literacy skills. CIW Career Academy Now Available for self-study studentsThese courses and certifications are ideal for all students and professionals who use the Internet on the job.

For candidates who want to take one CIW Web Foundations course and one exam which covers all three CIW Web Foundations disciplines, we have the CIW Web Foundations Associate course and examination. For candidates who prefer to take each of the CIW Web Foundations courses separately, those courses are available individually, earning the candidate individual certifications in the three related disciplines:

Candidates who earn all three of these certifications individually are then awarded the comprehensive CIW Web Foundations Associate certification as well.

CIW Associate + Linux Essentials Exam Bundle

Certification Partners and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) now offer a combined certification program that pairs your choice of CIW Internet Business Associate or CIW Network Technology Associate certification with LPI’s new Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement exam.

Designed for individuals interested in learning essential cloud computing and Linux knowledge, this new combo program addresses the growing importance of job skills in the areas of foundational technologies and open-source solutions. The program will be delivered through CIW Certification Testing Centers and classroom environments for academic and government organizations that require face-to-face IT instruction.

The combined LPI and Certification Partners program has the following elements:

Note: The Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement exam is not delivered through VUE testing centers. Please visit the Affiliate Locations page on the LPI site to request local testing center information from your closest Master Affiliate.