Become a CIW Authorized Academic Partner 

As a CIW AAP, your institution will be able to provide outstanding Internet technology and job-readiness training and certification for all your students. When you offer the CIW program, your students will get the education, skills and hands-on experience they need to increase their achievement levels and reach their educational and technical goals. Your institution will also be authorized to market, promote, sell and provide CIW courseware instruction to individuals and organizations.

Benefits of membership in the CIW AAP program include:

  • Preferred pricing: Receive preferred pricing on Official CIW Curriculum and other topics distributed through ComputerPREP and Course Technology.
  • Eligibility to participate in the CTC Program: Your organization can proctor the high stakes CIW exams right in the classroom. An excellent way to ensure that your students follow through and take the exams to earn certification. Academic institutions may also receive discount exam pricing.
  • Online AAP community: Enjoy a wide range of online information and tools that will help you maximize success with the CIW program. These tools include comprehensive program materials, up-to-date preparation materials for your instructors, marketing tools to support your enrollment efforts and much more.
  • Instructor resources: Your instructors will be able to access a variety of online resources to help them teach CIW and streamline their class preparation. Resources include sample syllabi, software downloads, classroom setup guides, sample instructor slides and much more.
  • CIW logo usage: Be entitled to use all CIW AAP logos, plus CIW Associate, CIW Professional and Master CIW certification logos for Web sites, marketing materials and other documentation.
  • Educational updates: Receive quarterly electronic CIW NEWSFLASHES to keep you current on the latest CIW program updates and industry-related news.
  • CIW exams: Become eligible to enroll in our CIW Certified Testing Center (CTC) program. Through the CIW CTC program, members can deliver official CIW exams at a reduced cost right in their classrooms.
  • Program Support: Receive support from your CIW implementation specialist who can answer all your questions and be a valuable resource throughout your program.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the CIW AAP Program Team.

If you're ready to apply to become an AAP, please review our application process.

CIW AAP Application Process 

To apply to the CIW AAP program, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the CIW Authorized Academic Partner (CIW AAP) Guide document and carefully review it in its entirety.
  2. Meet the following initial minimum CIW AAP program requirements at the time of application:
    • Employ at least one CIW Certified Instructor (CIW CI) per site.
    • Fulfill all CIW AAP facility and equipment requirements.
  3. Request a CIW AAP Application Request Form be sent to you from the CIW AAP Program Team.
  4. Allow at least four weeks after Certification Partners receives your signed agreement for a written electronic notice of approval or denial. If your application is considered incomplete, it will be returned to you with a letter of explanation.

NOTE: You must receive notification of approval before you may advertise or represent yourself as a CIW AAP.

Once your institution is approved as an AAP:

  1. Submit your company logo by e-mail to the Marketing Department for promotional purposes.
  2. Access your AAP Profile with your unique CIW AAP user name and password.
  3. Your online profile will allow you to enter, view and edit your CIW course schedule details that appear on this site. Classes may be entered up to 1 year in advance and will display on the website until the first day of class. NOTE: Keep your AAP profile current at all times.
  4. Begin using the AAP marketing materials.
  5. Receive a CIW AAP Program Welcome Kit in the mail within four weeks after receiving your approval. Follow the instructions in the Kit to maximize the CIW program success at your institution.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the CIW AAP Program Team.