Certification Testing Center (CTC) Program 

Want to give exams right in the classroom, as soon as you've finished training? Looking for a way to "close the loop" and know just how effective your curriculum has been? The Certification Testing Center (CTC) program is the answer.

The CTC program allows you to deliver high-stakes CIW exams in your classroom through a Web-based testing application. Designate one or more people from your organization to become CTC Proctors, and they'll be able to monitor the testing process in person. Proctors can be instructors or other staff members from your organization. They'll have access to exam results, so you'll know instantly whether your students have passed the high-stakes exam.

Benefits of enrolling in the CTC Program

  • Delivery of high-stakes exams right in the classroom
  • Instant feedback on student performance
  • Reduced exam fees (for accredited academic institutions)
  • Easy-to-use Web-based application for managing and administering exams

Your organization must be an Authorized Academic Partner (AAP) or Authorized Training Partner (ATP) to participate in this program.

Interested? Contact your account manager to inquire about enrolling in the CTC program.