CIW Academic Funding and Awarding Bodies

CIW U.K. academic funding and awarding bodies

In the U.S., there is Carl D. Perkins funding for secondary and postsecondary vocational education programs. In the state of Florida, many CIW certifications are on the CAPE secondary and postsecondary certification funding list. In the state of California, many CIW certifications are on the A-G Approved Course List. For specific details, please visit the U.S. Academic Funding page.

In the U.K., CIW certifications are embedded in the qualifications from the United Kingdom's leading awarding bodies, so U.K. students can earn standards-based IT certifications along with their nationally recognized awards.

To find out how your region's vendor units map to our CIW certifications, please visit the following pages:

U.S. Funding U.S. Academic Funding U.K. Funding CIW Certifications and Apprenticeships for the U.K. Scotland Funding CIW Certifications and Academic Funding for Scotland

U.K. and Scotland Certification Pathways

All CIW Certifications have been adopted onto the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) so that they are now available for funding through the Awarding bodies. The Certification Roadmap below highlights the credit value and level of each CIW Certification.

U.K. Certification Pathways
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