Online Professional Development this Fall for Business Teachers

Online Professional Development this Fall for Business Teachers

Certification Partners is offering business teachers the unique opportunity this fall to get trained and certified in the CIW Internet Business Associate certification. Whether or not you teach a CIW certification course to your students, the CIW Internet Business Associate covers all the topics you need to know in order to prepare your students to work in today’s online world. Those topics include:

  • Introduction to IT Business and Careers
  • Internet Communication
  • Introduction to Internet Technology
  • Web Browsing
  • Multimedia on the Web
  • Databases and Web Search Engines
  • Business E Mail and Personal Information Management
  • Protecting Yourself Online
  • Internet Services and Tools for Business
  • IT Project and Program Management

Cost & Details

The cost is $379 per course and includes:

  • 8 weeks of online classes taken on your schedule
  • Online instruction with weekly review sessions
  • Recorded lectures that participants can attend live or view later
  • Real-time office hours with the CIW Certified Instructor to provide one-on-one assistance and tutoring as needed
  • Discussion board activities, instructional projects, interactive exercises, lesson videos and lab files
  • Video proctored CIW certification exam at the end of the course

Fall 2016 Training Start Date

The CIW Professional Development program allows participants to work through the content at their own convenience, yet still connect and communicate with other course participants and the instructor. The CIW Certified Instructor serves as the course mentor through activities on Moodle and the weekly Web conference review session, where participants can interact, exchange ideas for course implementation, share resources and ask questions.

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