CIW Training Partners

CIW Training Partners

Is your training organization interested in partnering with CIW?

CIW offers cost-effective, comprehensive instruction for teaching CIW courseware and delivering CIW exams. CIW has partnered with training providers worldwide for more than a decade. If you haven't already considered becoming a CIW Training Partner, visit the About CIW page for more information.

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  • When you are ready to get in the game, choose which programs are right for your organization:
  • CIW Authorized Training Partners (ATPs)
    As a CIW ATP, your institution will be able to provide outstanding Internet technology and job-readiness training and certification for all your students. Your institution will also be authorized to market, promote, sell and provide CIW courseware instruction to individuals and organizations.
  • CIW Certified Instructor (CI) program
    As a CIW CI, you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of Internet technologies and to play an important role in providing outstanding Internet skills training to your students.
  • CIW Certification Testing Centers (CTCs)
    CIW offers a secure system for delivering high-stakes certification exams in your own classrooms via the Web. The CIW CTC program offers schools and learning centers an affordable, accessible and secure means to conclude students' CIW coursework with a high-stakes CIW certification exam.

Ready to get started? Call 800-228-1027 and ask to speak to a CIW Business Development Manager.

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