New CIW JavaScript Specialist 2.0 Now Available

New CIW JavaScript Specialist 2.0 Now Available

The CIW JavaScript Specialist, the first course in the CIW Web Development series, has been updated to match the current JavaScript standard (ECMAScript 6). CIW JavaScript Specialist 2.0 is an extensive update with added lessons and content. This course will prepare web developers to create client-side, platform-independent solutions on various desktop and mobile devices. CIW JavaScript Specialist 2.0 demonstrates the best practices in the current usage of JavaScript as well as prepares developers to tackle the new technologies and challenges arise daily in today’s JavaScript environment.

The updates to the CIW JavaScript Specialist course and certification exam include:

  • Objectives and content regarding Web APIs, gaming, JSON and mobile devices
  • Updated code in all examples, labs and lab files that meets the current HTML5 standard
  • Updated features and functionality that meet the current JavaScript standard (ECMAScript 6)
  • Expanded information on AJAX and JavaScript Libraries including React
  • More information and opportunities to practice debugging throughout the course
  • Suggested answers in the Case Study of each lesson (instructor version only)
  • New certification exam objectives to reflect updated content

The CIW JavaScript Specialist 2.0 course is available now on the uCertify platform. The new CIW JavaScript Specialist exam is currently available on CTC and will be available January 31, 2018 on the PSI platform.

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