CIW E-Commerce Specialist - Exam Objectives

Credit Card and Keyboard

Exam 1D0-525

Domain 1: E-Commerce Site Development

1.1 Evaluate an e-commerce site to maximize audience usability.

1.2 Develop and host an e-commerce site using instant storefront services and stand-alone e-commerce software.

1.3 Implement e-commerce-based learning solutions.

1.4 Implement inventory and fulfillment strategies for an e-commerce site.

1.5 Implement payment-processing services for an e-commerce site.

1.6 Develop a knowledge base.

Domain 2: E-Commerce Technology and Security

2.1 Define and use standards, initiatives and e-commerce frameworks that support supplier transactions.

2.2 Configure Web server software for an e-commerce site.

2.3 Analyze and improve e-commerce site performance.

2.4 Secure e-commerce transactions.

2.5 Secure an e-commerce site.

Domain 3: E-Commerce Business, Marketing and Legal Issues

3.1 Identify the effects of e-commerce on business operations and revenue generation.

3.2 Identify legal and governmental issues in e-commerce.

3.3 Implement effective marketing for an e-commerce site.

3.4 Implement strategies for effective customer service and manage customer relationships in e-commerce operations.

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