CIW Web Design Specialist - Exam Objectives

Web Design Specialist

Exam 1D0-520

Domain 1: Site Development Essentials

1.1 Identify and manage elements of the Web site development process.

1.2 Meet customer expectations with Web site project and design.

1.3 Identify ethical and legal issues relevant to Web development and design.

Domain 2: Web Design Elements

2.1 Use Web design principles to evaluate and develop a site's aesthetic qualities and its ability to enhance viewer experience.

2.2 Use Web design principles to enable navigation, usability and accessibility.

Domain 3: Basic Web Technologies

3.1 Use basic HTML and XHTML (X/HTML) to develop a series of Web pages.

3.2 Use X/HTML and extended technologies to enhance Web page structure, format and usability.

3.3 Create image files, and use images in X/HTML pages and site design.

3.4 Create Web sites using GUI site development applications.

3.5 Publish and maintain a production Web site.

Domain 4: Advanced Web Technologies

4.1 Use multimedia and plug-in technologies to enhance a Web site.

4.2 Use client-side and server-side programming to enhance Web site functionality.

4.3 Connect Web pages to a database.

4.4 Conduct effective Internet marketing.

4.5 Create syndicated feeds using feed management services.

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