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Please complete all the questions on this application. This information will be sent to the CIW Certified Instructor (CIW CI) Program Department when you submit the form.

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 Please send proof of course attendance via fax to the CIW Certification Department at +1-602-794-4190

This is required of all CIW applicants unless you are a certified technical instructor (for instance an MCT, CTT or CNI) or a CIW Professional. See the CIW CI Program Guide for more details.

Applicant Certification Testing Status

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 We will verify your exam history in the CIW Candidate Information Center.

Applicant Certification Agreement Status

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 If not, you will need to do so after completing this application. We will verify our Agreement in the CIW Candidate Information Center.

Applicant Instructional Skills Status

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Have you attended a Train-the-Trainer course? *

Do you currently hold an Instructor Certification through another program (e.g. MCT, CTT, CNI)? *

 Please send proof of your instructional skills via fax to the CIW Certification Department at +1 -602-794-4190.

This can include a technical instructor certificate or transcript, a Train-the-Trainer Certificate, an accredited teaching certificate, or a combination of a resume, 2 letters of recommendation and 10 student evaluations.

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