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The National Center for Simulation (NCS) Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Certification Program is the key to YOUR exciting future. It is an industry-accredited certification aligned with the State of Florida framework and standards, and is available to ALL Florida high school and technical school students in 2016.

When you pass the exam and EARN your certification, you are preparing yourself for internships and a rewarding, high-paying career in a high tech industry. Certification also facilitates your entry into post-secondary education.

High School and technical school students taking courses in gaming, animation and simulation, along with studying the M&S Study Guide and M&S Course Curriculum available on the NCS website, should be adequately prepared to pass the examination. Additionally, many teachers are using the four-year M&S Course Curriculum as a reference when following state standards in the classroom.

Florida students take the NCS M&S Certification exam at participating schools at no cost to them because in most cases, Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act funding is given to the school districts for M&S testing.

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Schools Win

Participating schools obtain state funding and high tech status that improves the school's comprehensive capabilities, its overall performance grade, and gives well-deserved teacher recognition and monetary awards.

American Industry Wins

M&S is considered a national critical technology. Graduates having M&S skill sets are crucial to the workforce of the future, leading the nation into a more competitive position in the world marketplace. The certification creates a pool of skilled and motivated students in Florida who are ready for recruitment for both paid and unpaid internships.

STEM Students Win

Interest and competency in STEM prepares students for high paying, exciting M&S careers in defense, medical, entertainment, business, education, training, and other diverse fields.

Student interns who are M&S certified are high-performers, better prepared and more qualified as candidates for full-time employment in the M&S industry. They also require less entry-level training, improving overall productivity with the potential benefit of remaining with the organization for a longer period of time.



Learn more about the M&S Certification Program by:

  • Visiting the NCS website at
  • Contacting Erik Barrantes, Executive Account Manager, CIW/Certification Partners, LLC., 1-800-228-1027, Ext. 4115


Participate in the Industry Intern Connection by contacting:

  • George Cheros, COO, National Center for Simulation

Support the Education & Workforce Development Committee initiatives by contacting:

Testing is managed by CIW/Certification Partners on behalf of NCS, and all tests are proctored.

Since 1997, CIW has educated more than 1 million students and professionals, and has issued more than 210,000 professional IT certifications throughout thousands of high schools, colleges, universities and learning centers worldwide.

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