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The CIW Web Foundations Series is the most popular vendor-neutral Web education program in the world. Individuals who have completed all three Foundations courses have mastered more than mere digital literacy skills: They have a unique understanding of Internet business, data networking and Web site design.

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The CIW Web Design Series is ideal for entry-level or experienced professionals who work in the fields of Web site design, e-commerce and graphic design. Entrepreneurs who want to be able to develop and manage their business online benefit from this series as well. Having a working knowledge in the areas of Web design and e-commerce is a must for any Web Design Professional.

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Whether you want to specialize in JavaScript, Perl or databases, the CIW Web Development Series has training and certifications just for you.If your goals are more ambitious, pass all three certification exams and become a CIW Web Development Professional. With these three disciplines mastered, you will demonstrate to employers your ability to develop Web programs and applications, and to work with relational databases.

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The CIW Security Series consists of one CIW course and corresponding CIW certification exam, plus advanced CIW credentials that you can obtain by earning additional certifications from third-party security training providers. Whichever level of expertise you aim for, you can demonstrate to employers that you have the technical skills and knowledge to manage and protect the security of online data, from a single computer to an entire corporate network.

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Vertical PathCIW Vertical Paths for Advanced Careers in IT and Web Technologies
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ICT Essentials Suite
The ICT Essentials Suite is a 10-course digital technologies program offering an affordable district-wide solution for digital literacy.

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